About this blog

This blog, mainly in Danish, is about personal plans and ideas for journeys to the Middle East, Central Asia and places in Scandinavia related to Eastern global trading during the Viking period (AD 750-1100).

The main focus of the blog is dedicated to Kufic coins, which have been in circulation across Scandinavia. Others characterize the coins as Islamic coins or just Arabian coins. However, this blog will only use the term Kufic coins, as this is considered more accurate.

I will continuously add links, news and updates about the Eastern contact between Scandinavia and Central Asia/ Middle East. Keep watching this blog – when I receive news from Danish and international colleagues or when I have returned from relevant adventures there will be new updates – about once a week. Please note that it will be possible to find former links by using the column on the right: every link is categorised under specific headings and many of the links are mentioned twice under the different headings. Each heading has a search function. In the calendar it is possible to have a look at the dates, months and year.

This blogs draws inspiration from the blog by Egyptologist Tine Bagh. http://tinebagh.wordpress.com/about/

Niels Bohr, Albert Einstein and Charles Darwin were all great scientists, and apart from being great men they had one more thing in common; Dyslexia. This also goes for the writer of this blog. So please be patient with spelling mistakes.

Comments, ideas, pictures and other contributions are most welcome to this e-mail:denpersiskeprinsesse@gmail.com.

Please enjoy this blog.

Yours sincerely

Nadia Haupt



  1. great idea Nadia! at last, a truly cufic scholar on the web 🙂

    • Thanks a lot Nanni.. 😉

  2. Hi , I found this Blog from Nadia Haupt’s page on facebook and i’m so happy for this . I sent a message there .. my name is Behrang and i’m living in Rasht-Iran . This is my interesting topic and i’m investigating the trace of Vikings in Iran, and now i think i’m not alone on it.. can we have some solidarity together?

    • Dear Beharang.
      Thanks for your comments on this blog. I have been travelling several times to Iran, for the same reason. At the moment I don’t´ known when I am going back. If you have some interesting objects or coins, please tell me.

      Yours sincerely

      Nadia Haupt

  3. Dear Nadia,
    Nice to meet your blog and thanks for informing me via email. I think we met on Copenhagen before (I am Torben Svendrup’s friend who hold a photography exhibition in Copenhagen two years ago).
    Anyway, I have worked in several pre-Islamic historical sites in Iran. I used to be the manager of Pasargadae World heritage Site for 2 years, so I know the art and architecture of pre- Islamic periods (especially Achaemenid period) well. I also can verify the Iranian coins (all periods) if you need to.
    So please feel free to contact me if you need to have some images or historical documents, it would be my pleasure.

    • Dear Siamak,
      Thanks for comment on this blog! Yes, it’s correct; we (and my friends) met here in Copenhagen, when you had the photography exhibition. I tried to contact you when I was in Iran last time (November 2008), but didn’t succeed with that!
      Thank you for the offer about your photos – maybe for nowruz this year. I will let you know!

      You’re sincerely

  4. Dear Nadia,

    I find your site interesting, or even more, because it is in Danish, intriguing. It may take some time before I shall be able to better understand your posts and fully appreciate your findings about Vikings activity in the central and eastern Europe, and beyond. I’m wondering, do you also have some interesting observations concerning Vikings presence at their doorsteps, which is Pomerania, my native land?

    Yours sincerely

    • Dear Marc,

      Thank you very much for your comments on my blog. It is most certain, that the Vikings have been in Pomerania. Last year a new publication came out in Poland, which concerned the trading between the Vikings and local communities.
      Here you have the link to the publication, which is called: TRUSO – MIEDZY WEONODLANDEM A WITLANDEM

      Yours sincerely

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