Posted by: salamviking | 5. april 2011

Nowruz Mubarak – Happy New Year

Today’s contribution on this blog is just to inform your all, that I am well, even that there are very serious stories in the newspapers about Afghanistan.

Arab-Sassanid coins. On the coins sees a fire-temple, which relate to the Zoroastrian religion

From the Viking period have we found about 30 Sassanids –and Arab-Sassanids coins in Denmark, where there always can see a fire-temple on each coin. Sassanid rule and the system of social stratification were reinforced by Zoroastrianism, which became the state religion. The Zoroastrian priesthood became immensely powerful. From that period the Nowruz was partly rooted, and the festival are still been celebrated in this part of the world. Nowruz (which means new day) is a secular holiday that is enjoyed by people of several different faiths and as such can take on additional interpretations through the lens of religion.

Here you can read much more about Nowruz, if you wish!

All the pictures you can see on this page is, from the Nowruz festival in Northern, more precisely Maraz-i-Sharif, and maybe they Afghans were during the Viking Period celebrated Nowruz the same way as they are doing it today!



  1. Hej Nadia

    Hvor pudsigt, at du netop nu poster noget om de mønter.
    Jeg har lige den 3. april fisket et lille klip af netop sådan en mønt op på Havsmarken. Den hidtil eneste af den slags.
    Den er bedømt til at være en ½ Drachme, fra Tabaristan, ca. 777 AD.

    Mvh. Steen

    • Hej Steen,

      Ja, det er da netop pudsigt eller sjovt, at det er lige disse drachme, som jeg har ladt ud denne gang.
      Men som sagt, så fjer med nogen af de sammen traditioner fra den gang, trods at religion er en anden i dag.
      Håber at jeg kan se dine mønter, når jeg er tilbage i lille DK.

      Med de venligste hilsner

  2. با سپاس فراوان برای شادباش نوروزی و آکاهیهای بیشمار درباره آیین نوروز

    با درود به شما


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